Day 5: The Conclusion

Wait, we’re done?!

Today was the last day of No Impact Week and it was a busy one at that! Prelims went well this morning, other than the fact that I was swimming under bright lights and eating my granola bars. Not very eco-friendly… Lunch today was in one of Miami University’s dining halls. The food was pretty good, but I could tell that it wasn’t locally grown or even remotely organic. In between prelims and finals it was pretty easy to be no impact since we just slept the whole time. For dinner we had Chipotle, which was good, but definitely high impact. However, I did not use any paper products and also spent a limited time on my laptop (I only used it to type this).

I’d make this post longer, but I have a pretty big day tomorrow. Overall today I certainly made an impact. I got a best time and scored in the A finals. To reward myself I took a short, cold shower. One more day of the meet to go!

Congratulations everyone!

Nathan Thorne