Day 5: The End of the Struggle

Today was the last day of our No Impact week and I still do not quite have the handle of it. I did manage to mostly meet my goals, but I think if I ever do this project again, I could definitely set some harder and more specific goals. For example, I think I could shorten my shower further and produce even less trash.

Today I decided to curl my hair which was a pointless waste of both time and energy since my hair was completely flat again an hour later! I also managed to take a two minute and 50 second shower, which was pretty good! I also produced less trash today because I ate in the dining halls more and I remembered my reusable cup for coffee! All in all, I would say today was my most successful day– which is a great way to end this week!

In hindsight, I am sure I will have learned a lot from this project. I can see myself thirty years from now thinking back on this week and what I learned. I think it was a really eye-opening experience and I hope everyone learned as much from it as I did!

Marguerite Fall


  1. Congrats on short shower! Pretty impressive as a girl/ woman! I feel like I could challenge myself more on my goals too.

  2. I really hope that we will all continue to apply what we’ve learned about ourselves this week and incorporate certain aspects that we value into our future lives. This project was definitely more difficult than I expected. I think it would be valuable if this project were made available to more people so that they could (hopefully) have an eye-opening experience as well.

  3. Way to kill it at the end of the week, I’m glad that there are other people who feel like the end of the week is more of a retribution. Also, is hair compostable?

  4. That is an impressive shower time! I never got it down quite that far. Sounds like you had a successful week great job!

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