Day 5: Time to Reflect

Look at that, we survived!

I hope you all have had time to sit and reflect on this project, particularly after class today. There seems to be a never-ending chain of bigger and bigger questions running through my head. I never thought that this project could force me to start thinking about things that I didn’t ever think could be connected, for example the idea of community that we talked about today. I didn’t open Colin’s book and expect to question societal values and myself as a contributor to the constant cycle of waste. But I did, and ultimately the project lead to the big questions as it came to a close as well.

We all went through our own personal struggles this week, but Colin’s purpose is so much larger than just one person, or one class, skimping on meals and freezing in the shower. I think we all went through the same transformation as Colin did (maybe to a lesser extent, but enough to understand and begin to ask the tough questions). Let’s be real, I think when everyone started, there was the “Screw this, I want pizza” moment too. To me, the most important thing that we should take from this week is how we will walk away from this project.

We could all go back to the exact same lifestyle we were living a week ago and forget about the big questions Colin asks because we’re all too busy to really spend a few minutes and ask ourselves the hard stuff. But I know I won’t be able to just fall back into that old groove, and I hope a lot of you feel the same.

Here I am, sitting in my room just surrounded by¬†stuff. I have so many things, I look at my desk and see mounds of random plastic things. Ask me if these things makes me happy. (They don’t.) So here is my new goal: finding the real happiness. When Colin wrote about that I said to myself, I want that. Ha classic, I know. But it was a real, genuine desire to live simply and find happiness in it.

So, I’ll leave you guys with that. Congratulations on surviving No Impact Week! Have a great weekend!



  1. I agree! I did not expect to read Colin’s book and hear about society and making sure to take time out of our day to just sit and relax with no distraction. I expected a rant about why being good to the environment is important

  2. I agree with you– I think it is important to remember this project and think about how we can implement it normally into our lives. Nothing extreme, just maybe being more aware of the waste we produce or always trying to bring a reusable cup to Slayter for coffee. By incorporating these things into our lives normally, we can continue to make a difference and I think you make a very good point here that it is important for us to all keep that in mind!

  3. I actually do feel the same about not being able to fall back into the old groove. I think that over this week, I picked up a lot of easy habits that could become a part of my lifestyle. It’s certainly a huge takeaway from this experience.

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