Day Five, the end has arrive[d]

Hey class,

So today I tried to be quicker with my shower, even though I was feeling especially tired this morning for some reason. I took a cold shower in just over 4 minutes, which I was happy with as I was running somewhat late. This time could definitely be shorter though, it’s just hard to move quickly when one is tired.

So far, I have eaten a meatless breakfast sandwich from Slayter, and a clementine which has sufficiently held me over until this point. I had two cups of coffee today which could have been one, but I did not have coffee Tuesday or Thursday, so I used that to excuse myself.

So the week has come to an end, but its impact will remain. This was definitely harder than I thought it would be, but is definitely manageable with proper preparation and resources. Some of these habits I will surely do my best to continue: shorter showers with colder or cold water, use less lighting, unplugging unused electronics, throwing away less, eating less meat, and giving myself more ho-hum time. I might have to be a little more eco-unfriendly these next two weeks as writing papers and studying for exams will become more important to me, but through Christmas break and next semester, I look forward to have minimal impact on the environment.

Congratulations on a week of growth and reflection everyone

Will Smith

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  1. Good luck continuing it after this week. And i totally feel you with the whole finals thing. I’m pretty sure that most of my papers are due on Blackboard, so I won’t have to print them out. However, I’m anticipating lots fo tea and probably coffee consumption to keep me awake when I pull all nighters. Not so sustainably, but once a semester can’t been too bad, right? Also, good job cutting down on showering. It’s a struggle, man.

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