Last Day!

I am doing a little better today than I did yesterday! We ate in the cafeteria at Miami University so our food wasn’t packaged at all. There was no compost bin there though which was disappointing. I am sitting in the dark now about to take a nap before finals tonight. For dinner I am going to my parents cabbin that they rented for the weekend! My mom will be preparing beef stroganoff which she bought all the ingredients from at the co-op in Oxford which is awesome! My mom loves co-ops, she only shops there at home.

Unfortunately, it takes a lot of energy to run a pool….lots of heat involved in and out of the water, but this would be happening with our without me here I guess!

Although it was kind of a sad ending to this no-impact week I still think I was pretty successful. I learned a lot and definitely will continue some of these habits in the future.

Thanks for reading along!

Mary Van Leuven

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  1. Good luck this afternoon. It’s awesome that your mom already has the support for co-ops and has probably in some ways encouraged you to consider shopping there as well. Have fun with your parents and the cabin. Also you did the best you could for the end of this week and you were thinking which was important and if you keep thinking it will be even more successful great work!

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