Last Day! eye opening

The last day was pretty much like the others for me.  I didn’t really have any big relapses and the only thing I really struggled with was my diet.  Taking meat out of my diet will be a slower and longer process but I am looking to slowly reduce my intake.

This week most importantly was really eye opening to me.  I think its fair to say no one from the class will continue to live the life they had this week.  But I also think it is fair to say that a lot of people saw small things that they can change that if everyone did would really make a difference.  Unplugging my appliances and reading instead of just watching T.V. are things that I will easily continue to do beyond the scope of this project. I think almost everyone out there has something that they could change at little convenience to them they are just not aware of it yet.

I have heard the argument several times that one person can’t change the world.  But why expect the world to change if you can’t yourself.  Using what you need set’s a good example and if everyone selflessly did it the world would truly change for the better.  Big movements are supported by small efforts and I think that is something that everyone participating in this project can take away from it.

Rory McGinnis

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  1. I think you bring up a really good point here Rory. I think it was very clear to us all from this project that there were small things we could change to make a difference that don’t really even affect our daily lives. I also thought this was a very eye-opening experience and I agree with you that everyone definitely can make a difference. They just have to be brave enough to seize the opportunity to change themselves. Have you ever seen the movie The Lorax? In the movie, the Lorax states that “unless someone like you cares a whole, awful lot, nothing is going to get better– it’s not.” And I think that message really speaks to what we experienced this week– the need to truly care and want to make a difference is necessary to make it actually happen.

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