Nice work, guys.

Well well well…looks like we’ve done it. Some of us with more pain than others, but we made it through in one piece. When I look back on my No Impact experience, I find myself wondering how it would have been different if I were trying this at home instead of at school. I think that I actually would have an easier time at home. First of all, I can actually control the amount of time lights are on. Second, I have no obligation to leave the house so no need to shower! I’d be able to use candles and the fireplace to light the room, and finally, I’d have endless entertainment from my dogs.

The things I struggled with the most  this week were resisting temptations. I was so tempted to drive today and yesterday because I had to make some trips into Granville and it was snowy and rainy. Despite this temptation and easy access to a vehicle, my car has not left the parking spot I left it in on Sunday night when I got back from break. Nice pat on the back there, Marg. Ugh today at Dinner I had such an urge to eat a cheeseburger, but I just thought to myself: wow cows are so cute, don’t do that. and I didn’t.

I had the trouble earlier in the week about whether to go to a huge concert or not. I went, despite my pledge to use less electricity. I justified this by telling myself that the concert was going to happen anyway, so there’s no harm in me going. However, I was still a little guilty. I wish I hadn’t felt guilty because I was in the same room as friggen John Mayer, one of the greatest musicians of our time, but I was. You want to know why? Because all of you were so dedicated to this project and I was so impressed by how much you threw yourselves into the no impact lifestyle while I drove to Columbus to go to a huge concert with a ton, and I mean a ton, of unnecessary lighting displays. I feel almost like I let myself down, but more that I let all of you down. I find that John Mayer was worth it, but the concert experience was not. If I were given the choice again, I would not go.

Overall, I’m so glad we did this project. I was able to encourage some of my other friends to consume less and have a lesser impact. I also really felt a sense of accomplishment about myself, because I managed to get a normally 5 minute shower down to just under 2 minutes. I think I’m going to start living a better, more friendly, lifestyle after completing this project.

I hope you all had similar rewarding experiences or revelations!


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  1. I too tried to encourage some of my friends but they put up a huge fight. They just didn’t seem to see things in the way that we do. They are still stuck in their way of life and cannot break the cycle.

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