No Impact: Day #5

So It had been a long week and I hit to snooze button a few too many times. I guess this could be looked at as a positive because I skipped breakfast. I was also in a rush trying to get to class so I think that I took my shortest shower of the week. So who says that sleeping in for an extra few minutes in the morning is bad or lazy. So I didn’t eat till lunch and only at the cheese pizza. It was turning out to be my best say so far.

I guess it was good that I had little impact in the morning because when I was finished with class I hopped in the car and drove to the airport. The I got on the plane and flew to Nashville. So maybe I did use a lot of energy. But even if I had decided not to get on the flight, it still would have flown to its destination using the same amount of gas.

I knew that this was going to be a very hard week but I did not realize how much I had to think about my daily routine. Since I have been in college I had become so comfortable with my daily routine that I did not even think about what I ate, what it came in, or where it came from. This week has forced me to ask the questions that I not only didn’t think about, but also didn’t want to think about. I had to realize how much stuff I throw away in a given take. we take advantage of the fact that when we throw something away, it just disappears. Well it disappears from our immediate lives anyway. It actuality, It has to go somewhere. Most of the time it ends up going to a landfill. Just think about all the time and money that went in to creating the package on your snack that you look at for all of 30 seconds just to throw it in the trash. We constantly consume more than we need just because we have been conditioned to want more.

This week has taught me  that it is possible to cut out some much of the things we waste and still make it thought the day. While it is impossible to be perfect, we can greatly reduce the amount of unnecessary stuff that we consume everyday. While I may not continue to take cold showers under thirty seconds, I can continue to do the easy things like bringing a mug to get coffee and unplugging electronics when not in use. If everyone can cut back just a little and influence just a few more to do the same, this would would be a much different place.

Cameron Kahl

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  1. I love the very last sentence…maybe it could be a much different place!

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