Some stuff will stick with me

So on the last day of No Impact I did pretty well because I was just going from class to class all day. Lunch I just had a lot of vegetables, so no meat!

The only problem for today now (although it will be after 5:30) is that my aunt and grandma want me over for dinner tonight, and I have no control over what they cook. It isn’t a big problem as I can just not eat it (G-ma will probably give me a death stare though). Also, my aunt will be driving me to her house and back to campus, so shame on me. But it is great because I can tell them and my cousins all about No Impact Week and maybe something will catch their attention!

Definitely in the presence of family, I am going to try and spend time with them and take well deserved ho-hum time (then come back to campus and power through the rest of the semester).

A lot of stuff that I tried to implement in my daily life will definitely stick with me, like keeping the lights off, no packaged food, shorter showers, and especially taking the time to reflect on the day. Even more than those things, I just want to be spending my time with people and having experiences that will make my life happier overall (not momentarily “happy” like tv).



  1. I like that you differentiate between momentary happiness that TV gives and happiness that sticks with you when you’re spending quality time with family and reflecting on your day. I think there’s a lot to learn from this idea, and it will definitely stay in my mind after this project has ended.

  2. It’s great that this has shown you what really make you happy. The idea of “ho-hum” time and permanent happiness versus the hedonic treadmill is something I’m sure will stick with us all.

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