The finale…

So today I continued my short showers, but it was freezing in my room when I woke up so I couldn’t get myself to keep it cold. Other than that slip, today was decently easy because it was mostly just getting from class to class, then sleeping. I also stuck to mostly veggies at lunch and dinner.

I am excited to see how this No Impact idea continues. I think I am going to stick with the short showers. They make me feel like I have a lot more time in the morning, and when they are cold it is definitely a wake up call. I’m also going to try to stick with the diet. I am already vegetarian, but I do tend to reach for conveniently packaged foods. Hopefully after this week I will try to stick with less processed food.

There a couple of things that I could see getting in the way of being “No Impact” in the future. One of them is definitely driving. Not only do I drive myself to work, but I find myself driving others down the hill, to the sorority house, to CVS, etc. Hopefully, I won’t do this as often as before. Another problem I have is my art class and all the waste is produces, but luckily that class is almost over!

Great work, class.


Melissa Zarate


  1. It’s great that there are things you want to stick with! I definitely get how driving would be hard to give up, that’s a luxury I wish I had. I agree with Audrey, because I live in the middle of nowhere driving creates a pretty big impact. Good luck keeping up on the No Impact ideas from this week!

  2. Thats awesome! I used to take rides off campus all the time for really no good reason. Being stranded on the hill for a week I realized that everything I need is here. So i might treat myself once in awhile but I am definitely going to cut down.

  3. Driving will also become an issue for me when I go back home for break and during the summer. I love driving, and a lot of my friends live in the Columbus area. I can’t see myself cutting back very much on it, but I can see myself feeling increasingly guilty about it..

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