The Impact of Buisness

While trying to reduce my environmental impact this week, it was incredibly difficult to go to my job and watch my efforts be squashed. For every way I have tried to reduce my impact, The Elm’s Pizza has created a greater amount of environmental damage. Since this is my place of employment, I do not intend to give The Elm’s a bad name and curtail its business. However, the owners have no consideration for the environment and are blissfully ignorant at best. The amount of waste and energy consumption from their business is astounding and their practices could be refined to reduce their impact.

The biggest problem with The Elm’s Pizza is that they are stuck in the wastebasket mindset. They throw almost everything away. As families come and go, they use many things that will be thrown away. The Styrofoam cups that each person receives will be thrown away. The paper plates and utensils that they eat their pizza on will be thrown away. The salad containers and dressing packets made entirely of plastic will be thrown away. The seemingly infinite amounts of foil that cook the food and keep it warm will be thrown away. And last but not least, the infamous pizza box will, more often than not, find its way into a landfill. Many of these items can be replaced by reusable products that would reduce the amount of trash ten times over. And did I mention that they don’t recycle anything? Not even the cardboard from the twelve packs of soda. I ended up actually taking a mass of cardboard to the Denison Recycling Plant to try to help my NI week.

The Elms Pizza is open 6 days a week and uses a lot of energy. It takes a lot of energy to merely cook the food let alone run the rest of the restaurant. The lights, florescent signs, the cash register and credit card machine, the fridges and freezers, the fans, and the water consume a lot of energy throughout the week. Some of these things stay on all night, literally 24/7. I understand that it is a necessity to keep things running, but I feel sometimes it gets excessive. Despite the fact that almost everything is thrown away, I find myself surprised with the amount of dishes that I have to wash. The radio plays during all hours of business. I digress, but there is an excessive amount of energy consumption by The Elm’s Pizza.

The Elm’s Pizza practices should be refined to consider their environmental impact. Again, the owners are not concerned and it is a real bummer.

P.S. If I get fired for this post…I’m gonna be mad.

Clay White


  1. That’s very unfortunate that they are so environmentally ignorant. And it would be such an easy switch to reusable products and potentially save them money. But good job on taking the cardboard to the recycling plant thats a step in the right direction.

  2. I know it doesn’t make much difference now because you are working where you can while in college. However, it’s interesting how more and more people are trying to find work that the companies match their ideals. But it can’t hurt to make the suggestion, and mention that you have been taking cardboard to Denison, maybe see if there’s a way to keep doing that temporarily while they look for a better solution (with your help). But I agree that does sound frustrating

  3. That’s unfortunate that so many non-reusable utensils and plates are being used there. Maybe you could encourage your boss to switch over to reusable items! It does take a lot to run a business….just think of how small Elm’s is and how much more energy is being consumed in much larger businesses.

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