Day 5

I cannot believe today is the last day of the no impact week! My day began with one playing of Wonderwall, which I felt was a major achievement given what I started with. I think in the future, if I take a shower everyday between one or two repeats of Wonderwall, I would be able to save 4 minutes of shower time. Not only can I get up 4 minutes late for my 8:30 class, but also save a lot of water through keeping doing this for a year. Although I might cheat on taking one or two longer shower, at least I tried and I know I can take a shorter shower. Beyond cutting down shower time, I think this project changed the way I approach to make a difference on environmental issue. Stop complaining or feeling guilty, just do it! Just set a few goals and start challenging myself. Doing no impact week allows me to influence my friends as well as they can see what I achieve. Action speaks louder than words! But I have to give credit to this blog. By reading the posts of my peers, I felt inspired by their actions and was more determined to commit to the project to the end of the week and beyond.

Chen Yang

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  1. Love wonderwall!! I might try that! and yay I influenced my friends too! Love the positivity and great job!!

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