I Preferred Being No Impact. No Impact Week: Day 5.

I cannot believe I got through this week so smoothly. The  sacrifices of consumption that were made through this week have been phenominal! So I would like to congratulate all my friends from ENVS 101 on a successful completion of this week!

Fridays are hard. The weather wasn’t kind today too. I woke up early today. I decided to take a quick shower and head down to breakfast ( first time this month). There was no hot water. The cold shower was 3 minutes of hell for me but I survived.
For breakfast I ate fruit salad and whole milk.

After my 4 classes, I had a couple of meetings. So it was me, trudging through the snow from one end of the campus to another all day. I deserved a cup of coffee to lighten up my mind. So I used my re-usable cup for coffee!

No impact week is over now. Things might come back to normal now. Consumptions will increase. But..

I feel guilty. I was so happy living the no impact way. Knowing that my reliance upon certain things can be limited was a great feeling. I don’t want to go back to being my irresponsible self anymore. I’d rather live in a ‘minimal-impact state’ if not a no impact state, but ¬†I definitely can do without being a reckless consumer. I want to be that person that needs one planet to satisfy his needs, rather than 5 or 6.
We have only one.

-Ridhim Seth

Ridhim Seth


  1. I prefer being No Impact too! After indulging a bit, I realized that I liked the lifestyle I had over No Impact week. Besides using my Kurig, I’m back to a lesser impact than before. Glad your day went smoothly!

  2. Really good points! I was also feeling a bit guilty yesterday. But I decided I can always go back to a day of No Impact whenever I want. Maybe tomorrow???

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