Last Day!

So sorry for the late post, I have been searching everywhere for my computer charger and can’t find it. Maybe someone stole it so I could be more successful on my last day of No Impact and not use electricity to charge it! So anyhow, I’m using my phone which is slightly difficult so sorry for any typos! Yesterday was a good day, I’m getting better at this just as it ends! Except Huff putting butter in plastic packaging…not cool!! And showering, I cut it down a bit but then I thought about Cam’s question in class.. it all goes to be reused and I only use shampoo real quickly then stand in there and enjoy! So I’m not polluting the water with chemicals too much! I don’t know, I don’t think I’ll ever be better at the shower thing. I used 5 ┬áhours of electricity but that’s when I was at rehearsal and classes and the gym so in that time my room’s electricity was off! So I had a pretty good day. Hope you all ended strong and are enjoying a full impact now!!

Maddie VanScoder

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