I woke up this morning with all appliances except my cell phone unplugged, no shower and no make up, no impact week was off to a great start. I used a little bit of water to brush my teeth and have decided to only use water to wash my face in the morning, no face wash. While the morning seemed off to a good start, right away my body was craving coffee. One of the first things I usually do in the morning is make myself a cup of coffee with my Keurig… but not today. While I know the waste from the use of the Keurig is little I realized all semester every day I use one of those small coffee cups, and while alone they may be tiny over the course of the semester I must have produced so much waste just from the K-cups (especially because I usually have more than one cup of coffee a day). From there I went through my day like I normally would, drinking water from my reusable water bottle and snacking on fruit before my late lunch, however, all I wanted was coffee. By my last class I had texted my roommate to bring me one of my reusable coffee mugs so I could get tea from Slayter, while it did not do the trick like coffee would it defiantly helped. As for the rest of the day, I stayed true to my goals, I did work outside all day in the sun reading and only used my computer to do work. I have now moved inside and have to use the lights to do work but I am doing it in the common room with all my roommates, who I have also pressured to try to reduce their environmental impact this week!

p.s I still want a coffee…

Dallas Manson

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  1. Dallas, you should totally think about getting the reusable K-cups! My roommate has one and just refills it with coffee grounds every morning. Can’t say I relate to the coffee withdrawal, but I bet your body will adjust in no time.

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