Day 1: Spring Cleaning

I didn’t know what to expect going into no impact week. Last week in class I learned all about how bad I am at being sustainable and started to pay attention to the amount of things I buy on a day to day basis.

I started off my day planning on taking a 5 minute shower. That didn’t exactly work out. The previous night there was a big drug in in my hallway where the Granville police got involved. I ended up taking a 15 minute shower talking about what happened. I was off to a slow start with no impact week.

The next thing I did was a lot more successful. I unplugged everything in my room other then the extension cord that has my fridge and 2 lamps plugged into it. I have a hard time reading with out a lot of light so I picked the 2 lamps with the lowest wattage and kept them plugged in. One of the alms has a outlet on it, so when I needed to charge something I just plugged it in for the time I needed it. I plan on rearranging my room tomorrow to put my desk next to the window so I can unplug the 2 lamps.

For breakfast I ate yogurt with pineapple and raisin bran mix in a bowl. I eat this every day, the diet part is the of no impact week is definitely the easiest part for me. So to make it harder I gave up all candy for a week.

For lunch I had noodles with green peppers and onions with Alfredo sauce, the same yogurt mix as breakfast, and a bowel of spinach. Again this is normal.

The biggest thing for me is to not spend any money. To help with this I took my debit card off of iTunes. This doesn’t effect the environment but it’s apart of my goals. I normally spend all my money on bars and plastic bottled drinks. Instead of cutting out non-stainable purchases I decided to cut out all spending.

The only trash I had for the whole day was 2 contact containers, a cue-tip and a tissue. The contacts have a recycling number 5 on them and require a special recycling bin. I plan to collect them all this week and figure out where I can recycle them. The tissue and cue-tip can go into the compost.

Over all I think it was a really successful day. I didn’t spend any money. I didn’t drive. And I started to change my room to be more sustainable.

4/21/14 Trash




Jesse Smith

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  1. Unplugging all of my stuff was definitely an inconvenience. I know it’s a lot more energy efficient but it’s going to take some time for me to adjust to not having everything right there and ready/charging at the drop of a hat.

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