No Impact Week started off as a struggle for me, as I had to change my daily routine which I wasn’t used to.I am enjoying this activity though, as I love to challenge myself by stepping out of my comfort zone.

Today I have decided to not have a shower and eat light food. For lunch I had a sandwich which had nothing but vegetables in it. As I have a lot of sunlight in my room I didn’t need to turn the lights on in my room. After having a rough argument with my roommate we decided to not use the television for a week. This was the greatest accomplishment for me today. I made a mistake today too, by chewing gum and throwing it in the ¬†recycling bin but hopefully it won’t ever happen again. I felt satisfied today as I was able to convince two my friends Charlie and Isaiah to follow the guidelines of No Impact Week. Overall its been a shaky but good start to my week and I am looking forward for tomorrows activities.

Harsh Sahgal


  1. Harsh- I think it is great that you got your friends to join. That is one of the best ways to contribute to this project. Also, way to stand firm on the tv…but sorry it led to an argument. Aaron is right, with beautiful weather like this, the best option is to just stay outside. I’m actually working on my front porch now!

  2. keep strong Harsh. try to stay out of the room and outside. it really does help keep you away from many temptations like phones, lights, TV, and computers. having friends do it with you is good as it helps reinforce the need to continue. may you get through the week as a new person. as for me i’m planning to curl in a ball for the next 92 hours and cry good luck.

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