Day 1: This is Really Entertaining for my Friends

I started the day off pretty well!

Since I have class before my roommate I usually turn on just the vanity light in our room. Today, however, I used the light coming from the window to see my clothes and decided to do my makeup in the Shorney bathroom (where the lights are on 24/7). I already had a banana in my room so I threw that in my backpack and quickly grabbed some coffee in my reusable thermos that I use every day.

I got back from class and hopped onto my bed to open the blinds. Using natural light I had some “ho-hum” time and just relaxed in my room basking in the sunlight. My roommate laughed when I asked her to turn off the lights as she left for class, leaving me alone in our semi-lit room.

Lunch time was when the real comedy show began. As I sit down at our table with my plate full of rice, edamame, quinoa, and carrot sticks Emily laughed as she snapped a pic of my disappointed face. (This sounds like my friends are super mean but this is a pretty typical interaction, we’re nice I promise). Anyways I was anticipating to leave lunch super hungry but my lunch was actually pretty good! Some of my No-Impact week goals were to eliminate meat from my diet and focus on eating more local food. I also wanted to significantly reduce my waste including not using paper towels or napkins.

I was doing pretty well until I went to get soymilk and, typical me, spilled milk all over my hand. I regrettably did not ask for a handkerchief today and was forced to either have a soymilk thumb for the rest of the day, or use a napkin. My friends thought it was hilarious at how upset I was by my napkin use. The real kicker for them was when I sighed and said “I guess I’ll use this cilantro fork to eat my peanut butter.” Usually I would get a new fork so as not to mix peanut butter with cilantro (gross). Emily suggested I use the knife she got and didn’t use. That seemed like the best option, no cilantro peanut butter and I’m using something that would have been cleaned without being used! Environmentally it was a pretty good choice to eat peanut butter with that knife but socially it will haunt me forever. There are now four different pictures of me with a psychotic look on my face holding a peanut butter knife… like why? The answer: my friends think this project is hilarious.

As much as my friends laugh at No-Impact week they understand how excited I am to try it out. I’m looking forward to continuing my day and week trying to achieve my goals!

Meredith Clark


  1. Hey Meredith,
    I guess everyone is struggling to keep up with our objectives of No Impact Week but I feel that, this week will be very interesting as we will challenge ourselves. Situations would become better as time passes as we will get used to our changed habits of eating right and living sustainably.

  2. Meredith, I feel your pain! A few of my friends also laugh at the idea that I am not eating meat or think it’s ridiculous when I refuse to use a small, seemingly non-significant q-tip. However, I am holding strong and I hope to sway their opinions regarding a more sustainable lifestyle throughout the week.

  3. I’m also trying to not eat meat for the week and it’s surprisingly easier than I thought it would be considering so much of Curtis is meat-based. I will say that, as much as I think I’m going to be relying on it this week, a meal of two apples with peanut butter ended with three napkins in the compost…not the cleanest food one can possibly eat…

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