Great start to NI week

I have a huge 15 page paper due tomorrow and it needs to be typed up.  Instead of spending the majority of my time on the computer I have decided to write out the first draft on degradable loose leaf paper and then afterwards type out the paper on my laptop which will be unplugged from a power outlet.  I do this to conserve electricity and keep from distractions that come with using a computer (ie facebook, youtube).  I will then recycle or compost the paper that I just used for the outline or use it again later for another use.

Wallace Branche Jr.


  1. Hey Wallace, keep doing your thing. And maybe comment on my post because no one else has. Thanks.

  2. Wallace, that’s definitely a different approach! I had thought of writing papers and such on the library computers, but for some reason just using paper didn’t really occur to me. Good luck on your papers!

  3. Very interesting Wallace, i might try writing an outline for my next paper out and recycling it later. It also saves electricity!

  4. Nice work Wallace! I actually did the same thing only on an outline for a Spanish presentation. I as well plan on recycling the paper when I am done. Good luck on your paper.

  5. hey Wallace,
    I appreciate your efforts in trying to have no impact this week and it truly is a great start. It has given me the idea to do the same about my history paper due tomorrow.Best of luck with your paper.
    This week keeps getting exciting.

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