Guilty Napkin User

In typical fashion, I told myself all weekend that I was going to be present and aware of everything that was going on around me so I didn’t accidentally waste something or break any of my goals and, being completely absent-minded, I went completely against myself. Okay so I’m not self-flagellating for using three napkins at lunch because I did watch myself and made sure to have a healthy, filling meal that didn’t include meat. (PSA: the neon-orange buffalo chicken melt looks slightly suspicious. Stick with the chickpeas and steak fries.) Unfortunately, this meal included peanut butter that got all over my hands and necessitated the use of three napkins over the course of the meal. I did make up somewhat for this slip-up this morning when, instead of just unplugging my lamp and laptop charger, I disconnected my entire power strip.

On that note, the energy side of things is going very well (He writes from the darkened cave of his room). I did not use the lights today except for once this morning when I dropped my key and had to leave them on for all of fifteen seconds before I spotted them on the floor next to the trashcan. Water consumption started off well this morning with a two minute shower that may or may not have been a fortunate accident since I woke up for my 8:30 class at 8:31…

I hope I can maintain everything that I’ve done right so far today throughout the week, but I definitely need to work on not producing waste, particularly in the dining hall where the napkin basket just makes it so easy.

Ryan Mitchell


  1. This is why the kit is so handy. I realize not everyone wants to carry around a kit for NI Week, but I totally find that you cannot be prepared for every incident (e.g. the messy peanut butter). And didn’t I tell you that you will realize how messy you are when you try to refrain from disposables! Only 2 spills for me so far!

  2. You are right, it is very hard to conserve napkin use in the dining hall when they are sitting right in front of you throughout the whole meal.
    And about the light situation. I am trying to do my homework earlier in the day so that I don’t have to stay up late with the lights on to complete my work. For athletes this is a challenge to complete our homework with a 2+ hour break in the day for sports. Being an athlete also makes it pretty hard to only take one shower a day. But life would be too easy without a good challenge!

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