Improving as the Day Goes On

I am going to be honest I was not the most sustainable before class this morning. I woke up late due to a poor slumber last night/ being a bum and panicked trying to get ready for class as well as eat breakfast. As I was frantically packing up by bag and putting on clothes I forgot to unplug my appliances when I left the room. Also, I forgot to eat a more sustainable breakfast.. I walked into Curtis and out of impulse I grabbed a cup of coffee and ate scrambled eggs, sausage, and potatoes. I was so rushed I did not realize my sins until I got to class. In class I realized I needed to get myself together and work hard towards this project.

After class I walked to Curtis and had a better lunch that consisted of a salad, an apple, a banana, and a peanut butter and jelly. Surprisingly I felt full after this meatless lunch. I walked straight to my room after lunch and unplugged my appliances. I have learned as the day has passed and plan on getting better every day. I hope no one else was as bad as me this morning because then we would have some problems here people. I wish the best of luck to everyone keep working hard and stay focused.

Andrew Traicoff

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  1. The important thing is that you are thinking about it! Way to self-correct after class. It helps to think of ways to make it easier during the week. For me its the kit, for you it might be knowing what your options are for breakfast before you get there….that way, if you do run late, you won’t just retreat back to your regular habits. Good luck!

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