Its Day 1 and all is well

Its the first day of no impact week and not a whole heck of a lot has changed. The day has gone pretty normal. I woke up and went to class like normal, ate two plates at Curtis dining hall, then went to my last to classes. I went to lunch and again had two plates of food. I want it known that I normally have no leftovers. However I did go to Slayter before study tables and got a burrito bowl with the intent of cleaning it out so if I do have leftovers I can take it in my new to go box. I did unplug my TV and Xbox and when I leave the room unplug all other devices. The unplugging of electrical devices is probably the only real change that I have had to make. My fan is on only when I’m in the room. Other than unplugging stuff I’m just doing my daily routine.

Keep on keepin on, life’s a garden, dig it.

Kyle Rose

Kyle Rose


  1. I like your idea about reusing your to-go container for leftovers in the dining halls. That is such a good idea to reduce waste, and be able to eat food later when you get hungry. In connection with other environmental impacts, I wonder if you have any trouble with lights at night? I seem to be up at all hours of the night, and have the lights on. This week I am trying to wake up earlier to take advantage of the sunlight, and go to bed earlier. (obviously not tonight, as you can see with the time I’m posting at). This may help you with more goals this week. Good luck!

  2. Its good to hear you are not having to make a lot of changes to be sustainable, but I would encourage you to think of ways to challenge yourself to be even more sustainable. For instance, what if you tried to give up meat for at least one day…or maybe 2 days out of 5. Or what if you only ate local meat? Would this be aceticism for you?

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