LOcal…but HIGH-cal (NI Day 1)

Waking up to day 1 of No Impact Week, I felt great! I was ready to take on the challenge and to hopefully recruit friends along the way.

I started my morning with a 2 1/2 minute shower and continued to get ready for my day using only the light creeping in from the cracks of the window blinds. I knew I’d get past my dorm room morning routine with ease, but I didn’t realize how challenging breakfast would be. Going into Curtis, I took extra time to find out what local foods were offered. I came in with the mindset that everything I ate would be somewhat local so that externalities weren’t a major factor (and so that I could help support local firms!).

I walked around searching for the “local” stickers placed next to certain food items’ labels, and gathered my “local” meal: oatmeal, a bagel, and “huevos rancheros” (but the brown soup it sat in begged to differ). No fruit, no juice, extreme caloric intake, no colors other than reddish brown and tan…I wasn’t satisfied by any means. I craved the balanced diet that I was used to (or, in the least, some color on my plate!)…so I indulged in half of a grapefruit.

So after my controversial breakfast, I decided to alter my plans a little bit. Although I would certainly find “local” foods to eat with every meal, I made a compromise–in addition to at least one local food item, I would make my diet completely vegetarian and include the fruits and vegetables that would make my meal balanced.

Overall, I’m happy with my progress. I have faced inevitable forks in the road, but the ways I have learned to face adversity prove that I am learning with every moment. I’m excited to see what this week has in store for me!


Claire Ludlow

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