No Impact Week. Begins. Now.

Hello Friends,

I woke up this morning on very little sleep. I was surprised at my excitement levels regarding the ”No Impact Week”. Colin Beaven’s book, No Impact Man, certainly contributed to my motivation. However, I certainly had concerns in my abilities to impact our earth. First, I recognized I had to set goals. I am big on goal setting, but I struggled in deciding what to aim for with this project. Could I go as extreme as Beaven did in No Impact Man? Probably not. Could I do something impactful on Denison’s campus? I’d like to think so. Over a cup of coffee at breakfast(in a mug), I brainstormed some ideas for this week. I began with the goal of taking shorter showers. In comparison to my friends, I think I do a pretty good job in not wasting water during my showers. However, I definitely could shorten my time washing myself. Do I need shampoo every day? No. Also, I will only be charging my phone during the day so that I do not waste energy by charging it all night. Lastly, I will not buy ANY food from Slayter, or any packaged food. I feel confident and ready to go, and I did a pretty nice job sticking to the plan today.

Good night,

Environmental partners.

Dylan Weinand


  1. Dylan, I think you hit on the areas in which most of us as Denison students can make a difference. Living in a large community like this, in my estimation, makes our impact relatively lower already (given that we could be living independently, each with our own amenities, cars, etc.). Avoiding packaged foods when the dining halls are a more thoughtful option, monitoring water usage, and monitoring electricity usage are the monsters we must tackle.

  2. Not buying Slayter snacks is probably going to be the hardest part of my week. Good luck to us BOTH for that! (Because there’s just no substitute for my beloved Almond Joys…)

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