No Impact Week day 1: unplugged

I woke up this morning and was ready and hopeful to complete my goals for no impact week. Eating vegetarian all week, avoiding processed food and non reusable containers from Slayter, and reducing the amount of unnecessary driving. I got ready this morning only turning on one set of lights for my roommate and me and used the time it took me to get ready to charge my phone. As I left my dorm I double checked to make sure everything except the refrigerator was unplugged. I easily avoided meat at lunch and ate my typical meal of a salad. My practice got out later than normal and I was nervous when I realized there was a chance the dining hall would be closed and I would have to rely on the wasteful to-go boxes at Slayter. ┬áThankfully I was able to convince my reluctant teammates to take quick(er) showers and we were able to make it to Huffman just in time for me to devour a meal of pasta and a veggie burger, all food items without meat. After dinner I knew I needed to start my homework, but when a couple of friends offered the idea for us to walk down to Whits I was unable to resist. Although I knew eating Whits would cause me to use a cup and a plastic spoon that I would immediately throw away when I was finished, I justified my decision with my walking rather than driving and ability to find a little bit of “ho-hum” time in my schedule. But no matter how I justify it to myself, I still feel guilty about the waste of the cup and spoon…

Molly Korest


  1. I really enjoyed reading your post, and it reminded me that not everyone gets the liberty to eat dinner whenever they want. I always find it harder to fit lunch in during the day, and have to get a meal-swipe lunch. But your post reminded me how many athletes have to eat in Slayter because their practices run over. It would be nice if one of the dining halls stayed open even 30 minutes later so that everyone could eat dinner there. Good luck with the rest of your week!!

  2. It sounds like we had a similar day! I, too, had to drag a few teammates to Huffman instead of Slayter (I don’t really even like Slayter that much anyways) because Curtis had closed by the time we were done with practice. And, like you, I have cut meat out of my diet and have vowed to unplug everything in my room (except the fridge) unless I absolutely need to charge something. Can’t wait to compare our experiences!

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