Strike one and it isn’t even 8am!

I really thought this would be so easy by now. You would think with this being my (probably) 6th attempt at a No Impact Week, I would be a pro. So it saddens me to say that I already have trash! It happened like this: I woke up cheery ready to face the challenge of No Impact. I had done some prep over the weekend, but admittedly, not enough, as I still have to think about all of my meals for the week (the food part takes some serious planning). So, as I popped out of bed I considered my moves, no lights -check! There was plenty of sunlight to fill the bathroom. I then really considered my water use and thought I would blog about that. But then I got distracted and started thinking about work, and before I knew it, I was using my normal face cream. Dang, I really wanted to just stick to the coconut oil and maybe 2 beauty products all week. So, as I’m scolding myself for the use of moisturizer which is not on my “things I can use this week” list, I habitually reach for the toilet paper to take care of my runny nose. And it happened like that. In a flash, I had waste! Ohhhhhhhhhhhhh noooooooooo! This was worse than the moisturizer! How could I, after all my warnings to all my classes, have made the rookie mistake of using toilet paper on day 1? Here I was thinking about water as a precious resource and chiding my moisturizer use. But with waste it’s different. It is instinctual…our ability to grab, wad and throw away! We do it as a reflex, without even thinking. Clearly I’m upset. But this is a great reminder that NI Week takes CONSTANT CONSIDERATION. Good luck!



  1. day 1 is always the hardest especially for people with a morning habit. try to stay strong and not focus on to many things,

  2. You are not alone here I messed up many times as well this morning. I guess it is good to make the mistakes early on and learn from them to improve as the week progresses. A positive way to look at this project after this morning is there is only room to improve. Good luck!

  3. The handkerchiefs were a really good idea! While I still think it would be pretty gross to carry around a cloth to blow my nose in and keep in my pocket, I have thought to use it as a napkin at during meals and between meals rinse it off and have it ready for the next one (only to stay partially sanitary). This would surely cut down on the napkin use and hopefully after a week, kill the habitual need to reach out and use a napkin after eating a serving of french fries (or whatever finger food is available). It would also hopefully encourage me to be a more neat person during meal time!

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