The Urge is Real

The first time I messed up today was right when I woke up- I had fallen asleep reading and left by bedside nightlight plugged in all night! (off) Oops, not a good start. Another mess up I had today was absent-mindedly grabbing a napkin during lunch. Not only did I not realize in time to stop myself, I only realized I had used the napkin when I was putting my dishes away! I was so mad at myself, but I dutifully put it in my own trash bag. I’m going to combat this tomorrow by taking my cloth napkin out of my back pack right when I sit down for a meal, so that I don’t forget about it. I was trying to eat local and vegetarian today as much as possible. I succeeded eating vegetarian (although I had an intense urge for the chicken at dinner) and I ate some local things like the local Cleveland tofu sauce over basmati rice, and I found out that it was delicious! I was always wary of it before but now when it’s on the menu I’ll be having it much more often. As for cravings- I had no idea how much I love snacking. I ate dinner at 5:30 and when the dining hall closed at 7, I realized that I had no way of getting any unpackaged foods! I munched on a cucumber I had in my fridge but am still feeling quite hungry. I will plan accordingly tomorrow and take food from the dining hall for a late night snack. I did have to drive today to go to Infirmary Mound Park for my bio lab, but I carpooled and tried to drive sustainable like accelerating slowly and being cautious to use the gas pedal when I know there’s a stop coming up. Tomorrow I will try to correct my mistakes and not drive the rest of the week, hopefully I’ll be able to stay away from those paper napkins at the dining hall.

Charlotte King


  1. The late night snack issue almost got me last night too…thankfully I had chocolate from Easter I could gnaw on (not packaged, of course) that should easily last me the week. Taking fruit from Curtis is a great idea though. I should try that to stave off the obesity that might come if I keep eating that Easter bunny.

  2. The napkin crisis is something I also struggled with. Although simply bringing a cloth napkin to lunch would easily solve this problem, I can already see myself continuously forgetting to carry one with me! Avoiding the all too tempting processed snacks from Slayter is also something I know I am going to struggle with. Stealing apples or other fruits from the dining hall is one method I have to avoid my late night processed food binge eating.

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