Unplugging devices

Day 1. I went to bed on Sunday night feeling very ready to being no impact week. I made sure, I had unplugged all my devices except my fridge well because I have food in it. My very first struggle began at 6:30 am when I heard my alarm go off to remind me to charge my phone. I was not happy about that. I’m still working on  a new way to start my day with a fully charged phone without charging it through the night. My first goal was achieved even though I might be completely happy about the way it went. I had woken up early to plug in my charger and charge my phone! Great!

One of my goals was to reduce my meat consumption this week and it wasn’t as hard as I thought. Eating in the dining hall makes this challenge much easier and i could mix and match till I found something i wanted to eat.

Anne Marie Paintsil


  1. I didn’t think about charging my phone at night until you brought it up. I might do it anyway because it is my alarm and I need to have it to wake up in the morning. I also half to charge my iPad so I can take notes in class. Ill half to figure something out to off set charging.

  2. I have the same problem! I’ve started charging mine fully right before I go to bed and then charging it again in the morning for the 10 minutes or so I spend getting ready in the morning, but it’s still kind of hard to remember.

  3. Another way to improve your phone’s battery and reliability would be to utilize airplane mode. I personally put it on during class or when I am taking a nap during the day. It helps my phone charge last a lot longer and therefore takes a lot shorter time to charge. I’ve also tried staying off my phone more as our generation is addicted to them in my opinion.

  4. Charging your phone is such a struggle, because overnight is the most convenient. What I do is charge my phone to full before bed, and in the morning while I’m getting ready. That way, it doesn’t have to be plugged in all night. Plus, I’ve heard that it’s bad for your phone’s battery to get “overcharged.”

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