Day 2: Earth Day

I think what I had learned today was that it is hard for someone who is not doing No Impact Week to be living with you while you are doing this experiment. I told my roommate I could not brew coffee because of No Impact Week when he asked me around midnight. I am not one to let people down, even though I did have coffee for days. Also at times when I come back to my room, the lights to the rooms are left on with no one in the rooms at all. It is hard being sustainable as much as possible when everyone else is carefree about the amount of energy they are using. Maybe it is just me. I still kept to my own goals as much as I can.

I had more time to be more productive than ever. It is a great feeling getting things done on time and not worry about getting things done late at night. The weather is helping a lot so far. I felt more connected to nature and Granville than before. It’s hard to explain. When you start to do things that benefit some thing that is greater than yourself, you just feel great about it and now that you are making a difference, even if it is for a week.

Honey is becoming my best friend. I put it on everything. I even had it with my coffee at Curtis. Best decision I had made in my life. And the freedom from extensive electronic use has been amazing so far. I think I might look up my songs to play on the saxophone and (if I have time) write to some friends back home that I haven’t spoken to for a while.

On that note, happy Earth Day everyone!

Omar Vargas


  1. Omar I absolutely agree, all of you doing No Impact week are definitely having the added challenge of cohabitating with someone else who, without knowing it, is tempting you to stray from your goals with every action. That’s why this blog is so incredibly important, so you can all still be in solidarity with one another.

    In college my roommate and i went vegan together, which made it much easier – there wasn’t any cheese or ice cream around to tempt us 🙂 We made living sustainably a game we played together – we tried to get our energy bill down as low as possible ($7.23 for a month was our record for a 2 br apartment), went thrift shopping together when we needed clothes for an interview, etc. We would notice things the other person was doing better and strive to improve ourselves. Like i never would have thought to just reserve my books for class from the library had she not done it (get on it early!)

    So this is a great exercise in self control, but know that if this is a path you want to continue down, it will get easier as you surround yourself with people on a similar path who can offer a sense of community. You’re not alone, together we can change the world!

  2. It is very hard to conserve electricity with the rest of the roommates in the 6-man, but there is always room to set a good example, especially on Earth day. Being away from the computer all day and focusing on homework and matters that are more important to me has left more time in the day to relax and it allows me to be more efficient. Honey really has been a savior for me also. In my post I put a few facts about it. Here are a few more: http://www.care2.com/greenliving/10-health-benefits-of-honey.html?page=3
    But remember just don’t cook with honey, it becomes toxic!

  3. My roommate makes it difficult to be no impact as well. He leaves fans running or the lights on after he leaves. I always turn them off when returning, but it still feels like it is a negative impact on my part.
    I also have the same feeling pertaining to making a difference. When starting this week I felt a sense of accomplishment when I used less electricity and other resources. It is a similar sensation to helping someone in need. I can see how it can be an addicting sensation.

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