First of all, today I used a paper plate. I went to Slayter and forgot my own plate completely. This is a lot harder than I thought! I am definitely starting to change my habits, however slowly they are changing– maybe this is a sign that they are changing slowly and becoming actual new habits! (hopefully). Although I used a paper plate and my electric tea kettle today (a want, not a need) as well as a green tea bag (compostable but still), I also got a discount at River Road cafe for using my own reusable cup, remembered to use my own napkin at all of my meals, and even used my reusable water bottle at my meals to save the washing of a cup. I also took an almost cold shower and put up a sign in my bathroom reminding people to turn off the light when they leave. I stopped leaks three times today in the bathroom showers and didn’t use any lights in my room until it was dark outside. I also kept to my vegetarian rule and used my handkerchief. My failures seem kind of large, but I am also noticing many changes in my habits. I shouldn’t get discouraged too quickly!

Charlotte King


  1. I’m struggling with balancing my progress and failures as well…it always feels like I can do more, be better. I’m hoping that the small things I’ve been doing this week will develop into habits too–I may not always be able to take a 3 minute shower, but always using a reusable cup should be a constant!

  2. Sounds like you are progressing really well in this project. There will always be setbacks and things we forget (just take a look at my posts). In fact, I’m not sure who could get through this week without making a mistake. I think it is great that you are making up for things by stopping the leaks and posting signs! Good work!

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