I woke up in the morning at 9:45 and went for the only class I had  at 10. I came back after my class and went out with my friends to the IM fields with a towel, fruits,water and a soccer ball. We decided to have a picnic there and spent our time during the day  doing homework and playing soccer.We ended up sleeping for a couple of hours as well. We were joined by several others too who had decided to come out in this beautiful day . I was craving to have some of the hot dogs that a few of them had brought with them but I managed to avoid eating any.  We came back at around 7:30 in the evening and I finally decided to take a quick two minute shower. As the weather was nice and warm today, I decided to take a cold water shower. I was really hungry in the evening so I decided to eat the dry fruits my grand mom had bought for me. I finished a pack of walnuts and dates and put the plastic in the recycling bin. I was pretty satisfied and content with my activities during day 2, of No Impact Week.

I had a great time in the sun today. Avoiding contact with any gadgets except for the use of my cell phone . Isaiah, Charlie and I have spent a lot of time together during the last two days and we are looking forward to Day 3.

Harsh Sahgal


  1. In no impact man he ended up spending a lot more time outside and with people. It is great that you decided on fruits and water for your nourishment. It is very hard sticking to a diet with less processed food and protein from meats. This week is a great time for me to start good habits, experiment with local foods, and try proteins that don’t come from animals.

  2. It sounds like you had a great day hanging out and connecting with your friends! I have found that it is sometimes hard to connect with my friends at dinner because they are checking their phones and texting. It was nice to see how successful you were with your friends by being outside without technology. As a side note, I have been taking cold showers as well, and I can tell you that my time has reduced dramatically! Good luck the rest of the week!

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