Day 2: earth day!

Day 2 of No Impact Week and I started the morning with surprisingly few mistakes. I woke up and got ready in the dark with few complaints from my roommate about the lack of lights. After class I used my free time to study on the library computers rather than going back to my room and relying on electricity to turn on the lights and plug in my computer. I managed to complete another lunch of eating all vegetarian and found myself eating (and surprisingly enjoying) another salad. After finishing my classes I headed off to practice where in honor of earth day we took our long run through the bio. We also were able to do our strength training outdoors rather than inside.  Although I had little control over either of these decisions, it felt good knowing that I was taking advantage of the warm weather and not constantly relying on the indoors for our workout.

Although I have made a goal to take quicker showers in the locker room one thing that continuously bothers me is watching my teammates turn on their shower minutes prior to entering the shower. They are waiting for the water to warm up, but are very unaware of how much water is being wasted during the 3-4 minutes the showers are on and they are not in them. After reading No Impact Man and participating in no impact week myself it has already helped me be more aware of the decisions I make. I think this shower incident can be best handled by remembering the quote from No Impact Man,¬†“We can all change the people around us by changing ourselves.”

Molly Korest


  1. I agree with you Molly when you say it’s painful to watch other people waste energy or water. I guess we just have to change ourselves and hope other people will follow!

  2. Great job Molly, its always hard to get your friends and roommates on board.

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