Day 2: Energy Issues

Today started out pretty well, I remembered to not use any of the lights while getting ready, and to pack my breakfast in my Tupperware. I even took a cold shower, which greatly reduced my time in the bathroom and woke me up! I can’t remember if Colin said this or not, but someone remarked that cold showers are more effective at waking you up in the morning than coffee, and they are right. After my 10 o’clock class, I went to lunch with my roommate, and successfully ate a vegetarian meal and used my reusable napkin. I was surprised at the amount of vegetarian options that were provided, and the bean enchiladas were so good that I did not miss any meat. After work, I took a jog to Bryn Du and back without my Ipod, and was pleasantly surprised that I could survive without it. This could be categorized as my “ho-hum” time, and it was actually positively distracting to listen to all the sounds around me. Although I do prefer using my Ipod to keep pace during a run, I certainly underestimated the power of a music-free run. It was also interesting to think about the goals of No Impact Week while I was being passed by at least 150 cars during my run. How is my decision of going without my Ipod going to counter the 150 cars burning fossil fuel at the same time? This week is a challenge, and I just hope that others will be able to take on this challenge as well; this is the only way that we will be able to make environmental change on a larger level.

One of my biggest challenges today was my consumption of energy. I realized that I have been using more than my allotted energy, however most of it is homework related. I have big projects and papers due in every class for finals and what not, and it is hard for me to sacrifice energy for researching and writing. I will definitely have to think about how I can still continue to work on these projects without using so much energy. Perhaps I could take up the typewriter or something…to be continued…

Happy Earth Day!

Jillian Foster


  1. As you know (since we have two classes together), our project load is definitely a lot! So I am definitely with you when it comes to using my computer to do homework and to work on projects. I am going to try to use the computers in the labs/library more to serve as a double whammy — using a computer that’s already on instead of using energy to power mine; and being somewhere where the lights are already on instead of turning mine on at night. Hopefully this works!

  2. I am also struggling with energy usage because of academics. By utilizing the computers in the library that are going to be turned on no matter what I feel slightly less guilty about spending hours researching and typing on the computer. I like the idea of taking a cold shower in the morning though. I’m not sure if I would be able to do that, but I can definitely see how it would wake you up!!

  3. In all honesty, we really don’t need coffee to stay up and be alert. What works better a lot of the time is just ice cold water. Plus its healthier because your;re not being exposed to a lot of sugar and caffeine. I am having the same problems with energy consumption as well especially for academic reasons. Even when I am at the room I am conscious about what can save the most energy when I am working late. It can be very challenging when deciding what is better for a specific task like school work or cleaning.

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