Day 2: Going Green

Waking up late (as usual), I decided to skip the shower for the day and just put my hair back, so a win for water usage today. I went to class and then went to Curtis for lunch; with my more relaxed goals to just incorporate local foods into my diet instead of eating mostly local food, I had much more success today. I still ate vegetarian, but I managed to incorporate 3 different local foods (cheese on a sandwich, granola and yogurt) into my meal. Following my last class of the day, I convinced one of my friends to walk to the Going Green store (with an incentive of River Road coffee for her) as it was a beautiful day and I hadn’t been in the store in a couple months. I bought some local yogurt and local honey so I could have a healthy snack for when I inevitably stay up late the rest of the week. Supporting a local business, relatively local farms (the organic yogurt is from Pennsylvania and the honey is from Mount Vernon, Ohio), and getting a little relaxing ho-hum into my day by walking in the sunshine with my friend all made the trip more than worthwhile. Dinner was also a vegetarian and local food success, this time at Huffman. This week, I’ve managed to only drink water, since it takes a lot more water to make things like juice and soda. I feel the food aspect is getting a lot easier!

In other news, I unplugged all my electronics (phone and laptop chargers) before I left the room, and only charged both my laptop and phone when they were almost dead. I did have issues with trash a little today, accidentally grabbing napkins out of habit and forgetting to bring a hand towel with me to A-Quad to use to dry my hands instead of paper towels. I also tend to use my laptop instead of using the computers in a lab or at the library, which I should be doing instead. There’s still definitely room for improvement!

Good luck everyone!

Rachel Auerbach

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  1. Wow- That was a good, long walk. It reminds me of Michelle’s realization about the NI diet when she sees women working out on treadmills. Glad you incorporated fun and friendship into your NI goals. Good work!

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