Day 2: I’m on my own

Last night I tried to convince my friends to join me in our No Impact week. I started off by explaining what No Impact meant and the sacrifices they would have to make to be apart of it. I went on to explain how being apart of no impact will help our ecosystem as well as their own personal lives. However, they looked at me like an idiot and quickly shut me down. This made me realize that many people are not willing to sacrifice the luxuries they have come accustomed to over the years, even if it will benefit themselves personally. I am not sure if it is only my friends who do not see the importance of conserving or if it is the majority of people on this campus. I challenge you to try to convince your friends to participate in the rest of No Impact Week. Hopefully you will see better results.

On another note, I have significantly improved since yesterday morning. I have used minimal electricity in my room and have used natural light (not beer) as much as possible. Last night I turned off my fan that I usually have on when I sleep and simply opened the window for the cool air. This made me realize the amount of electricity I consume when I am asleep. I plan on never using my fan when I am sleeping ever again. Hope everyone is doing well keep working hard.

Andrew Traicoff


  1. We’ve been doing the same thing with unplugging fans and opening windows. I have realized throughout the semester that if I turn my blinds up, the sunlight in the morning will be reflected away from my window and keep my room cool in the morning. Then, if I open the blinds in the afternoon, I can warm my room for the night until I go to bed. I also am having problems getting my friends involved. I did not think it would be that hard, but apparently shutting the lights off is the end of the world! Good luck this week!

  2. i kinda convinced my roommate but he’s trying to bck out of it now. wants to do a 8am-8pm thing… i will not let him quit so easily

  3. Hey Andrew,
    yeah I found it difficult as well to get people into our challenge. I too believe that telling people about “No Impact Week ” is really important. However i am going to focus on my individual goals for the remaining of the week as I have already managed to get two people into my task. I appreciate your willingness to avoid using the fan and I wish you, all the best for the remaining days to come.

  4. I did the same thing in terms of my natural light usage and unplugging my fan. I realized how much energy is wasted while I sleep and I also noticed that even if the fan is unplugged if theres wind the fan still blows cool air into the room! I think a lot of people get frustrated by their friend’s lack of consideration for the environment, the important thing to remember is that you care and hopefully by modeling sustainable behavior your friends will want to join in too! (thats what I’m trying to do with my friends)

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