Day 2: New Ideas


After I posted last night I ended up hanging out with my friends and they were drinking some beers. Beer cans and bottles are easily recyclable, but I noticed that no one was recycling their empty cans and bottles. The campus drinks a lot of beer witch produces a lot of trash, like the cardboard cases the beer comes in. Luckily those are sometimes repurposed into posters or other art projects, but most of the time they are thrown away.

Usually 10 of my friends drink 10-12 beers a night, that’s 100 beers on the low end and 120 on the high end in a night. People drink on Monday, Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday depending on their homework schedule. So taking the low number of 100 beers in a night and multiplying that by 4, 10 people drink about 400 beers in a week. That’s a very ruff estimation but the point is to show how much the floor wastes by not recycling empty beer cans.

This week I plan on going around and collecting everyone’s empty cans. I’m going to work with my friend Conrad who is also the floors RA to help me collect the cans and then I’m going to take them to a recycling center and see how much money I can make off everyone’s cans. If I make enough to cover the cost of at least one case of beer, it will convince my friends to start saving up cans to recycle them. I can sell the idea by telling them they can pay for beer by drinking beer and recycling it.

I also rearranged my room today. I moved my desk next to the window and delofted my bed. I now only have one thing plugged in at all times, my fridge. That was a positive step toward being no impact. My meals were pretty much the same as yesterday. Unfortunately I had to drive to a doctors appointment and hurt the environment that way. Hopefully my can recycling initiative will off set any harm I do this week.


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Jesse Smith

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