Day 2: Oops

Yesterday I was so pumped for NI week and had a pretty good day.

Today I keep finding myself making mistakes after I’ve made them… so frustrating.

At lunch today I used a napkin and didn’t notice until I was pushing it into the compost pile. I was so mad at myself AND THEN I did it again…. (my friends still think my reactions are hilarious by the way) I got a response by one friend “Why does one napkin matter.” I realized this is a common thought many of us have and it highlights a key problem in our society. To us, one napkin is not a big deal, but on a large scale its a huge deal (and a huge amount of wasted trees and waste!)

I did, however, catch myself about to use a paper towel in the bathroom and stopped myself so there is hope! I refuse to allow myself to use a napkin at dinner tonight.

Meredith Clark


  1. I have the same problem happen to me just today. You just really take into consideration about how much waste you create even though it is not has much as you think it is. It is just one of those habit situations that is just hard to break after being so used to doing it for years. Its a learning process at the most. The best we can do is to prepare ourselves for the next time we eat at the dining halls to avoid making so much waste.

  2. At lunch today my friend told me that there hasn’t been a successful compost at the dining halls yet due to people putting the wrong thing in. I hope he is wrong.

  3. I completely understand the napkin thing, it is so natural to just want to grab one to clear up the mess, fast fix; but I think its great that you are recognizing what you are doing. I think throughout the week it will get easier to catch yourself before you do it, I know it has for me! As for how people think the best thing we can do it teach them why it is a problem, my issue is sometimes even when I do that people don’t really care.

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