Day 2 small hiccup

Today started off like a normal Tuesday for me. I got up at 530 went down and lifted came back and took a 3 min shower then headed off to class. However when I got to class I forgot about my plastic leftover bowl and dropped my backpack to the floor cracking my container. So I was forced to recycle it. However the rest of the day went smooth as could be. I ate my usual 2 plates at breakfast, lunch and dinner with no leftovers. However I was forced to take two showers because of my early lifting and later my practice. I did keep both to 3 min. My only mistake during the day was cracking my leftover container but it was recycled so no harm no foul.

Keep on keeping on, life’s a garden dig it

Kyle Rose

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  1. Congrats on such a successful day! I think your one mistake about accidentally cracking the bowl and having to recycle it brings about a good point. As humans, we are imperfect. Whether it’s our judgement, habits, or clumsiness that are the culprits, our efforts to lead lives of smaller carbon footprints can be unavoidably hindered.

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