Day 2: What do I do when I am Hungry and Everything is Packaged?

Today was a lot harder than yesterday. I got back from class tired and hungry. All I wanted to do was eat a Luna Bar and take a nap. As I reach for my granola bar, I realize that eating this granola bar would create waste. Ugh, what do I do when EVERYTHING is packaged and I’m hungry? In this instance, I turn away from my delicious granola bar, get in bed, and decide to wait for dinner at Curtis.

Looking back at this, I realize No Impact week takes more planning than I thought. At dinner, I took apples to keep in my room for a snack. No Impact week takes a lot of self control.

Despite struggling to not snack, I was very successful with shortening my showering time and keeping my lights off throughout the day. Hopefully, I will continue to improve throughout the week and keep cutting out unnecessary energy use.

Bea Lawson


  1. The struggle is so real–I’ve literally been hoarding fruit from Huffman just to stay sane at night. Why must everything on this campus be packaged?!

  2. Honestly the other day I went into Curtis with a sandwich bag and put a bunch of oyster crackers and gold fish into it…maybe not the healthiest snack or the lowest in sodium, but it did the job when I was still awake six hours after dinner.

  3. I know…this is a struggle for me too. In fact, I often find myself pretty hungry the first couple of days of No Impact. We can talk about this today and our culture’s identification with instant gratification! Stay strong…3 days left!

  4. I am honestly struggling with the whole “packaged foods” thing. Theres literally nothing outside of the dining hall except for whole
    pieces of fruit that I can get that’s not wrapped in plastic or cardboard…

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