Day Two Blues.


Today was horrendous. I did not contribute positively in any way shape or form to our great earth. Two cups of tea from Slayter(in the ”ecolid” containers, long showers, and lots of meat consumed. Does anyone have any positive advice or encouragement? My motivation is lacking, as I simply don’t feel like I can make much of an impact on our earth. If anyone has any quotes or advice, I would much appreciate it. Definitely need to improve on what I am doing. Hopefully we can come together tomorrow at 9:30 and discuss some ideas and positive steps for moving forward.

Protect this Earth!


Dylan Weinand

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  1. Dylan- You should definitely check out other blogs to get some tips and see how other people are taking to the project. Claire made a really good point about the value of our actions in class today and Omar wrote a really poignant post about the way this project made him feel yesterday. Obviously, I can’t make my students do this, but I do think the more you try, the more you will gain.
    good luck!

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