Earth Day!

This morning I woke to a pleasant surprise, a little note on my mirror from my roommate, wishing me a happy Earth Day. It was just the thing I needed to remind me why I am participating in No Impact week and to remember the importance of my goals. Inspired and excited, I started my day by laying in the sun! Although I’ll admit to bringing speakers outside to listen to music, I was disconnected from technology and once again got my “Ho-Hum.” I kept the lights off until nearly 7 PM, with my windows and blinds open providing me with some natural light and a nice breeze. When my roommate grabbed the Febeeze to spray our room, I’m happy to say that I objected and convinced her to let me light a candle instead (JUST KIDDING I DON’T HAVE A CANDLE IN MY DORM).  It’s the small things like that which remind me that there is always a more sustainable option. I’ve been using the handkerchief as a makeup remover wipe, instead of wasting a couple cotton balls or cue tips every day–I’ll definitely be continuing to use it after the week is over.

One goal which I did falter on was my meat consumption; for some reason, I ate chicken at both lunch and dinner, so that is one aspect which I’d like to do better tomorrow. While I’ve been keeping most of my appliances unplugged, I’ve come to the sad realization that I need my phone and computer chargers almost all day, and they have to be plugged in a majority of the time. I also feel I want to increase my goals. I’d like to eat more locally tomorrow, consume no meat at all, and avoid Slayter like the plague. It’s like a hotbed for plastic products.

Hope everyone’s Earth Day was just as great! Here’s a picture of the note from my roommate.


Lucy Itzkoff


  1. Your roommate seems awesome! If you’re looking for a way to eat relatively local and vegetarian in the dining hall, I made a grilled cheese today using the local cheese at the sandwich station and the panini press, and ended up being pretty tasty! You can also put some veggies on it to make it even more filling 🙂 Good luck!

  2. That’s so nice about your roommate! I’m getting support too from my roommate, boyfriend, and friends. It makes No Impact Week surprisingly a lot easier.

  3. Good job Lucy, unlike you I forgot it was earths day till midday and I met Wallace, who reminded me of practicing Ho-Hum. Shoutout to Wallace for the reminder!

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