Elevator Struggle

No impact week isn’t as bad as I thought initially. My favorite thing so far is eating all my meals in the dining hall at a sitting and interacting with my friends that I don’t see as often as I would like anymore. However, today unlike yesterday i faced a few more struggles mainly because of the reason that I spent the first few hours of the day forgetting it was no impact week. Instinctively like I always do, I hoped into an elevator with two people already in it to Higley’s fourth floor. I honestly didn’t think of it as an impact to the environment till i used two napkins to clean milk that I had spilled and replayed my day in my head.

I’m excited about tomorrow and already have a plan in place to remind myself about no impact week through out the day!

Anne Marie Paintsil


  1. I do think the slowing down for meals is a great upside to this. In fact, I’m going to email my friends now to see if they are interested in joining me in the dining halls this week! But I’m also interested in knowing your plan to remind yourself of NI! Good luck!

  2. I definitely had some trouble with not talking the elevator. It’s hard for people with disabilities or injuries to lessen their impact as far as transportation because of necessity.

  3. I love how you bring up how you enjoy slowing down and enjoying your meals with friends while also being more sustainable. I completely agree and feel the same. It’s totally a win-win!

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