Happy Earth Day!

As my title says Happy Earth Day everyone! The mornings are the easiest when it comes to following my No Impact goals, the lights are off as I get dressed and brush my teeth. There is enough light coming through my common room windows that I don’t need to turn any lights on as I make breakfast; two eggs (local )with fresh tomatoes and mushrooms and water. Today in class I asked my communication professor if we could keep one set of the lights off in our classroom instead of turning them all on because it was bright enough with the windows. After class I had forgot to grab my packed lunch for my lab and had to stop by Slayter to get a sandwich with just veggies on it. I was mad I had to grab a packaged lunched with one fresh one only a few minutes away, however, I only had 10 minutes in-between class and lab for my ecosystems managment class and today we were going on a field trip to The Wilds. Unfortunately my carbon emission impact was high today because it takes a hour and 15 minutes each way to get to the wildlife conservation area. If you haven’t heard of The Wilds you should defiantly look it up and take a trip to visit (Heres the link to read more about it ¬†http://www.thewilds.org/default.aspx). It is thousands of acres of¬†reclaimed coal mine land that has been taken over and made into a wildlife conservation, home to 100’s of native and non-native species . The trip was awesome, except for the fact that you take the tour on a sight seeing truck meaning for two more hours, I was increasing my carbon emissions… I told myself that I was being educated about the animals and ecosystems so therefore I was countering my emissions somewhat right as long as I spread that education? I thought it was a great way to spend earth day. After lab I babysit two little girls for a family down in Granville and today we planted flowers outside for earth day. I guess that is one way I can give back for the day and celebrate earth day, plant flowers and teach the kids why earth day is so important. As I write this they are sitting and doing their homework but not before we went around the entire house and turned off all the lights! I realized as I watched the kids get excited about participating for a few hours in my No Impact goals, I wish I had been taught when I was younger to live a more sustainable life. It would be nice if some of these changes I am making came more natural in my everyday life.

Heres a video of how close we got to a Rhinoceros today!


Dallas Manson

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  1. Sounds like you had a great day overall and only had one small mishap in forgetting your lunch. The trip could no be helped but think how much carbon you didn’t emit my riding together as apposed to everyone driving individually. Always find the light in the situation.
    Keep on keepin on

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