Less Impact through Nutrition

Today was a very eventful day with much frustration with trying to be sustainable.  This morning when I went to get coffee they had sugar packets in the Huffman dining hall.  I didn’t want to create waste from tearing open a few packets and leaving paper waste behind so I chose to use honey instead.  It was quite delightful and sweet compared to sugar.  I started using sugar throughout the day for sweetener.  I used my phone today to research a few facts about honey and found out it prevents cancer, increase athletic performance (improves recovery time), it reduces cough and throat irritation, and it’s anti-bacterial because its made from bees.  I would like to find out if the honey is local or not.  When this week is over I’m definitely going to purchase some local honey (especially because it helps fight seasonal allergies).

While I’m getting through this no impact man book it makes it seem as though this week is very easy as compared to what his family had to put up with for a whole year.  This week is a piece of cake but there is always so much more that we can do to protect the environment.

Wallace Branche Jr.

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