Nice weather=Less electricity

Prior to these beautiful sunny days, it was hard to use natural sunlight instead of electricity.  Today the sun made it easy to turn off the lights in the room and enjoy the natural light.  The computer and phone chargers were left plugged in unfortunately, but after my first class I remembered that they were still plugged in.  So I walked back and unplugged them.  The amount of coal being used at the AEP plant we went to really made me want to focus on electricity consumption.

My no meat goal is going well again today.  Granola and PB&J’s are a simple diet that I enjoy a lot.  After my workout today chocolate milk gave me the protein I needed, so I was not tempted to eat meat.  Today was the first day I have carpooled down to golf (I know this is bad), so that is reducing my fossil fuel consumption.  Overall, I think the week is going well for me.  I have made a few mistakes, such as not unplugging the devices, but these mistakes make me improve my chances of remembering my goals in the future.

Ben Cole

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  1. Glad to see no meat week is going strong. Also glad you remembered your chargers were plugged in and went back. Unplugging stuff by far is my hardest challenge I’ve had during the last couple days.
    Keep on keepin on

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