Roommate goes rogue; my hands are tied AND wet.

Two things stood out to me today as I forge onward on this impact-less journey:

1. I escaped class a moment to use the restroom and, after washing my hands, I found myself reaching for a paper towel.  My heart stopped for a moment and I withdrew my arm back to my side.  I exited the restroom and returned to class, hands glistening and moist.  I forced myself not to care whether or not wet hands are a social faux pas.

2. I confronted my roommate on Monday to explain to her the goals of our No Impact project.  I mentioned to her the way in which she could help me.  One way, a very basic instruction: turn off the lights when you leave the room. … Tonight after sundown, I approached the regal redbrick of Curtis West and scanned the array of windows–some lit, some dark.  When my eyes arrived at the last window on the second floor–our room–the window shined brighter than all the rest.

Grace Bachmann

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  1. Yeah, I’ve been finding myself trying not to comment on how other people carry out their days, and failing. My best friend is getting pretty annoyed at me! I have to remember what Colin said in his book about “turning into a monster.” I don’t wanna be THAT girl!

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