the “devil”ed egg

I sound like a broken record (and am just realizing not all of you have listened to a record so I hope that made sense), but seriously food is the hardest part of this week for me. As Claire can attest, eating local can mean a serious adjustment to your diet. Even though I planned last week for local food, my meals this week look worrisome. Here is what I have that is local: eggs, cheese, milk, bread, spinach, swiss chard and mushrooms. Sounds good, you say?!? Well maybe for 2 or 3 meals…but how do you do this for 15 meals???? Yesterday’s breakfast:bread and cheese and local tea (that might be expired?). Then I decided to be creative and instead of my usual NI meal of egg and cheese on bread (especially given my breakfast), I thought I would make egg salad. Kudos to me for being creative!!! However, I am not a boiled egg connoisseur and was not expecting that peeling 3 eggs would take almost 20 minutes! After that, I chopped the egg in a bowl and realized I was going to have to use mayonnaise that isn’t local. So much for my genius idea. Lunch: egg salad sandwich with water. Then I had to plan for dinner. I really wanted to make a strata, but it needs to sit overnight. So I made one and stuck it in the fridge for the following night. Even though this strata was made from about 90% local ingredients (I used an onion I had left over in the fridge), I had, at this point, spent 2.5 hours in the kitchen!!! So much for ho-hum time. And I still didn’t have dinner!

To be continued….



  1. You can replace the mayonnaise with plain yogurt that has no flavoring my mom use to make it that way because I don’t like mayonnaise! I know the dinning halls have local yogurt but I don’t know how far you would have to go to get it but I thought I would suggest it! I didn’t think about egg salad for a meal I think I may make it for lunch tomorrow.

  2. i’m not trying to do local (the stress of all the projects are enough for me to worry about) but tomorrow while your here you can go to the library and look up some recipes with those ingredients. also you can try to get local ingrediants at the store here in denison… i’m not sure if they have any but since you will already be here you can look. for breakfast though try to make a egg omelet with cheese, spinach, and mushroom

  3. I have been having the same problem with my meals. It is tough for me to find meals in Curtis that are locally grown and that will fill me up. I am in lacrosse season right now so i need to eat a lot of food to make sure I stay strong. If you have any tips regarding meals that are filling please let me know. Thank you!

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