Mid-Week Blues

Is there always a more sustainable option? Today I’ve been questioning this, as I find myself troubled with a typically bad-timed cold.  Here’s my dilemma: if I use tissues, I’m creating waste, but if I use my handkerchief, I’m washing it every 10 minutes! How can you justify giving up one thing if it means using another resource in its place? The water vs. waste debate was just one of the many things that plagued my mind today…

After our discussion in class, I found myself wondering if all of this was worth it. Am I actually making an impact by shaving 4 minutes off of my shower time? Will I save the world by using one napkin instead of six? I think I’ve caught a case of the mid-week blues. Five days sure doesn’t seem like a lot, but living a new lifestyle for a week is no walk in the park. I’m losing sight of my goals, questioning my motives, and feeling ready to give up. It doesn’t help that when I slip up, my friends are the first to point out my flaws. If I had a nickel for every time one of them said “Well there goes No Impact week…”

Reading my classmates’ blog posts actually really helps motivate me and keep me going. It’s always nice to know that people are working towards the same goals and, unfortunately, dealing with similar struggles.  I hope everyone else’s day was a bit more positive than mine, and let me know if you have any advice!


Lucy Itzkoff


  1. I understand the blues feeling. It will be an experience that we look back on and feel good about
    Keep on keepin on

  2. I always struggle with questioning whether I’m making a difference. I’ve sacrificed a lot for this project over a number of years….I just have to keep reminding myself that every little bit counts. Otherwise, I would go insane!

  3. in alot of those cases it really does feel like your not saving alot but think about it like this. we use on average 2.5 gallons of water per minute. saving off 4 minutes is 10 gallons of water a shower thats 50 gallons a week if you take one shower. Water is about $1.50 for 1000 gallons so you would be saving about 7 cents a week so there’s your nickel for the times you messed up. the napkins, the less you use the less you have to buy. buy a bundle of napkins is about $4. electricty is 7 cents per KWH so theres some money saved there. the sickness dilemma i would try to clog the nose with a tissue to keep it from running, save on the other tissues and dont need to waste water.

  4. My friends are also quick to point out my flaws throughout no impact week. As I notice their everyday actions of wasting napkins, taking longer than necessary showers and getting more food than they can finish. It definitely makes me feel like my efforts are insignificant. Knowing that our whole class is all experiencing similar problems but continuing to try our best to be no impact makes it feel a little more worth it!

  5. I’m glad I’m not the only one struggling! I felt a little caught up in the “midweek blues” too. But it helps me to think that there are other people on campus doing NI week! Hope we both have better days tomorrow!

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