A Good Day

man today went swell. i had a chance to test my will against the napkins… and won even with finger food. i lost to the snow cone, but being quick thinking i won’t be defeated, i got a new fruit cup to use now. also my Ho-Hum couldn’t have gone better, sometimes the universe just wants to come in and make your relaxation a little more pleasant for down the road. i used a little electric today on my laptop but i think i can let it go for all the things that went right. also got a free headband today during lunch its like an all you can get free palooza . mainly it was a good day.

Aaron Roberts


  1. I saw that cup in lab today and wondered what you were going to do with it! Good thinking on the fruit cup idea. Like others have done in the class, you could also make this into a game where you challenge yourself more and more each day. good luck!

  2. Hey Aaron,,
    its great to see that you are having fun. Its been a long three days and I feel that we are all getting used to our current lifestyles. Hopefully Day 4 will turn out to have something more in store for you. Good luck!

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