About Day 3

Today’s class discussion about this week was what we needed to boost our morality up. I felt  very relieved that I was not the only one that felt the same  when it came to creating little impact. It has been an interesting few days and has really made me think about how  much time I spend getting from point A to point B without taking the time to think. It was a big concept to understand, but I had it in my mind after lab today.

My breakfast was not very local, at least to my knowledge. There was options lacking because I made it to Huffman at least 20 minutes before they closed. But I did stick t the rest of the goals I made for myself, especially when it comes to electronics use and energy consumption. As of now it has become a daily thing where I was able to finish my day earlier than before 10 which has not happened for a while now.

Also to mention, my impact on the Earth has been relatively the same so far. My struggle with napkins still persists and it has been hard to get out of the shower for more than a few minutes. I still keep my electronics unplugged and I have been using the local computers and going to the academic buildings to do work and save on energy. And occasionally if I am in a  room that has the lights on, I turn them off and let the sun in. I cannot wait for Day 4.

Omar Vargas

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  1. That must be so nice to finish everything before 10! Even with limited electronic use, I still manage to stay up until 2ish every night! And I feel you on the napkins — I accidentally grabbed two today. Hopefully we can break this habit.

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